Monday, December 28, 2009


This morning I was speaking to one of my closest and oldest girlfriends, with whom I share a very special bond. On a broad level, we are as different as day and night and yet it’s scary how we share so much in common. We have had the most contrasting picture of life for the longest time and still through it all, we have learnt the art of acknowledging each other’s idea of life and somewhere down the road, our dreams have always merged. So I was not surprised how we both were going through the exact same thought process today. We both seemed upset, rather depressed and mostly angry about how we have had random people come and ask us when we were planning to get hitched. Seriously, this should be a taboo question because what it does is puts pressure on unmarried people who are leading otherwise normal life’s without these random people questioning them.

And this is my problem- none of these people matter to us and yet they play such a significant part in our otherwise calm lives with their mindless titter tatter? Can somebody explain the human mind to me please? Because with each passing day, I am struggling to understand how people think and why they think so obsessively about other people’s weddings!

I am emotional, but I have always thought with my head (well in most cases) and somehow I am now stressed about this entire marriage issue because everyone around me thinks I am old enough to be married? I have struggled the last few years, given up so many special moments to achieve a flourishing career and now all of a sudden I feel like a visitor who has overstayed in my parents’ house? Nobody acknowledges my career anymore, all they talk about is how I am still unmarried. More than anything it scares me to think that I will never be able to please anyone. I will be this huge disappointment and will not live up to anyone’s expectations- because let’s face it, nobody expects a flourishing career for a girl, what they do expect is a married 27 year old woman :(

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