Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Alphabet Meme

I don't normally go for these memes but at least it's got me writing something ...

A ~ Available? For for free advice- which let me add NOBODY takes seriously!
B ~ Bags- I mean handbags.. a girl can never have enough
C~ Chocolate- It's therapeutic!
D ~ Drink of choice: Water. It's God juice and good for you!
E ~ Eeks- My reaction to anything damp!
F ~ Food!
G ~ Guess- At the moment it's my obsession with the new Guess bags...
H ~ Home- There's no place else that comes that close to comfort
I ~ Indulgence: Bags, shoes and chocolates
J ~ Jealousy- No point denying we all feel jealous of something!
K ~ Karma- and let me tell you mine's quite good
L ~ Life - it does tend to get complicated, but if your not happy it's not the end
M ~ Money- and whoever says it can't buy happiness obviously DID NOT know where the good shops were
N ~ Number of shoes- 70 and still adding
O ~ others- the people whose feelings we should consider!
P ~ Phobias/fears: failure, lonliness, and missing out on the best sales!
Q ~ Queen- Yes, that almost sums me up- Drama Queen!
R ~ Reason to smile- my new pair of strappy black stillettos!
S~ Shoes all the way
T ~ Trouble- What my big mouth gets me into
U ~ Unknown fact about me- I dont care, so dont call me with a sob story!
V ~ Vedas- Thats where the real information is
W ~ Wok- I love Asian Woks
X ~X-rays - I can't ever see anything the doctors find signifiacnt on them!
Y ~ You- Your favorite person
Z ~ Zodiacs- I read the forcast everyday!