Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Memories lane...

Dear S,

It seems like only yesterday that we met for the first time. Our first meeting was nothing to depict the people either of us were. I imagined you to be this shy, goody two shoes guy who was a family friend and who I would have no option but to mix with for the next four years. Our second meeting completely broke that illusion! Soon enough I saw the totally crazy side of your personality. Our friendship grew thicker each day, the mark of every morning being your phonecall. Even today, if someone calls me at 8am, the first person I think of is you! Somewhere down the road, that barrier broke between us and from a classmate you became one of my closest friends, my most trusted confidante.

I remember cracking up in lectures sitting next to you, sometimes giggling away till the lecturer had to make us sit at opposite ends of the class and even then, you would make faces and I would break into peals of laughter. Your imitations of people are just to die for. Even today, I can totally picture you mimicking our classmates and teachers. And just the thought is enough to make me crack up all over again. I will never forget, copying each others journals, mistakes included and photocopying notes the day before the exam. OC pracs will always remain a mystery to us both, and believe me another 100 years in college and we would still have to sweet talk the lab assistants into telling us the correct compounds! Always remember that we have paid up our share of losses with the breakage fees- always topping the lists- the only lists we topped in college! Our late night drives, just spilling out our frustrations, thinking about where the future would eventually take us. If we even had a future! Those spells of uncertainity and insecurity. Of just being there for one another. Today all those moments are captured into sparkling memories, something we will cherish as a past someday.

I distinctly remember your first heartbreak. I had never seen you so vulnerable before. I was firmly aware of the fact that I was the first person who you had confided in and I knew then that it was not meant to be. I tried my best to subtly tell you, but some emotions need to be lived to move on. And move on you did! Today, unbelievably, your standing on the brink of your wedding- less than 3 months away. I feel both nostalgia and happiness. Nostalgia, because something tells me that we've all grown up. Happiness because I see in 'S' exactly the kind of life partner that will bring to you the utmost levels of joy. The future looks beautiful, just like the past. Just don't forget to stop and feel each moment, because each moment will create a memory, that will last forever.Your life now will have a whole lot of new relationships, new bonds and lots of responsibilities. It's the starting of a new phase and thats always exciting. Our friendship will always stay the same no matter which part of the world we are. So here's to a beautiful life, one filled with happiness lots of laughter and crazy giggles!